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Hey there!

I'm Amy McDonald, a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Business Coach. I'm gathering some of my favourite Yoga teacher friends and colleagues to share with you:

The 'what not to dos' of being a Yoga business owner

How to overcome struggles, sometimes again AND again

What their first year in Yoga business looked like (It wasn't always an easy ride!)

How to manage your day, your team AND your personal practice

It's all free, super fun, and kinda Yoga-geeky... which is exactly how I like it! So, come hang out with us!

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So, just how deep is the pool of knowledge and experience in this Speaker Series? See for yourself. Meet our Yogis...

Kelly Smith

Yoga For You  

"Transitioning from Yoga Studio owner to location-independant Teacher"

Sarah Ezrin

Sarah Ezrin Yoga

"Success and making our hearts happy"

Carlos Pomeda


 "How to develop cultural sensitivity for teaching overseas"

Anna Sugarman

Anna Sugarman Yoga

"The reality of having a Yoga business with your parnter"

Danni Pomplun

Danni Pomplun Yoga 

"How to NOT burn out"

Angela Kukhahn 

Kukhahn Yoga 

"Why learning other modailities helps your practice and teaching"

Marylene Henry  


"Making big leaps and being bold to share your voice"  

Henry Winslow  

Henry Winslow Yoga 

"Why Yoga Teachers should embrace entreprenuership"

Maryam Sharifzadeh 

Office Yoga  

"Creating your own niche, and hiring your friends!"

Royal Brown


"The top three trends impacitng the Yoga industry RIGHT NOW"

Michael Jay

Michael Jay Yoga & Consulting

"The number one student retention strategy"

Dustin Brown

Warrior One Yoga 

"Blokes, Yoga and getting more men on the mat"

David Regelin

David Regelin Yoga

"The importance of knowing what you're teaching inside-out"

Tamara Graham

Tamara Yoga 

"Building community, connection and sanctuary"

Mara Olney

Mara Olney Yoga, Revolve Yoga 

 "How to avoid social media feeling like a chore and use Instagram to REALLY grow your Yoga biz"

Niraj Naik

SOMA Breath 

"Reclaiming Pranayama as a healing art"

The Business of Yoga

Join Us & Discover Insider Yoga Business Knowhow from World-leading Yogis

If you had these famous Yogis together in a room, wouldn't you want to know:

What really helped them to build momentum... so that you can replicate their steps?

What kept them growing and trying new things... so you can be inspired to grow your own Yoga business?

What resources and techniques really worked for them... so you can try them for yourself?

How they prioritise their Yoga businesses, their own Yoga, family and travel... so you can apply some tips into your own life?

(And just a Yogic touch of industry gossip?)

Ready to be inspired by World-leading Yogis?

The Business of Yoga Series

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Wondering what you'll get out of this Speaker Series? Here is just a taste of what you'll discover:

How to become an empowered business owner without compromising your practice or beliefs 

Ways to overcome personal and professional roadblocks on your path to an abundant Yoga Career

How leading Yogis manage their time & energy so they never experience marketing and sales overwhelm

That even the most famous Yoga Teachers have muffed it up: laugh and be inspired with us!

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